Fleet Managers now have access to GPS-based telematics and in-cab driver assistance technology that is often paired with in-cab dash cameras—all of which can keep drivers and the public safe. Managers can’t always be in the cab, but now they always have a digital set of eyes on their drivers to help prevent crashes.

Download Driver Attitudes Towards Vehicle Safety Technology White Paper

The problem is many drivers and even some managers are critical of the technology, significantly impacting adoption and use. Download this first-of-its-kind research and learn how to better understand what makes drivers reluctant to adopt in-cab camera technology and identify what can be done to positively influence perceptions. Over 500 professional drivers were surveyed and questions focused on basic perceptions of, and implementation of, technology as well as actions by management.

Learn how:

  • In-Cab Technology Improves Driver Safety
  • Driver Trust in Technology Increases with Personal Experience
  • Managers Play a Key Role in Adoption