携手共建更安全的道路,纪念五周年。 成立车队安全全球领导委员会



BROOKLYN, NY ? Dec. 17, 2019 ? Together for Safer Roads (TSR), a coalition of leading private sector companies driven to save lives, celebrates its fifth anniversary this month with significant road safety milestones and program updates, including the formation of its new Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety (GLCFS). The coalition was launched in late 2014 to align the private sector?s road safety efforts with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety. Since that time, the coalition has expanded its programs to partner with public sector leaders who are catalysts for safer roads.

Supported by its membership?s commitment, TSR?s mission is to bend the curve on road traffic collisions so they are no longer one of the leading causes of death and injuries worldwide.  This mission is realized through projects around the world. In 2019, the coalition forged projects and partnerships across three core program areas:

  • 更安全的公司和车队
    • TSR introduced the Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety (GLCFS) to a select test group at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance annual meeting in October. Now integrated into TSR?s Fleet Safety Program, the Global Leadership Council uses peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing to help smaller fleet operators create safety cultures that reduce risk and save lives in the communities they serve;
    • TSR收到了来自美国的挑战补助金。 安海斯Busch基金会该组织的重点是支持那些帮助个人和社区发展的组织。这笔资金将用于支持纽约市和休斯顿的车队安全工作。以及全球领导力委员会,邀请对车队安全感兴趣的企业加入TSR并参与委员会。
    • The City of New York?s fleet, under the direction of the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services, (DCAS), joined the Council as a founding member;
    • TSR还宣布与纽约市建立正式合作关系,以改善骑车人的安全。合作关系以10月份的 "数字化零愿景 "研讨会拉开序幕,双方召集了车队安全管理、技术和自行车领域的公共和私营部门领导者,开发数据、分析和技术试点,以减少大型车辆运营商和骑车人之间的冲突。
  • 更安全的城市
    • Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner appointed TSR to the Houston Vision Zero Executive Committee. The Committee is focused on drafting the City?s Vision Zero Action Plan, 承诺到2030年结束本市所有道路使用者与交通有关的死亡和重伤;
    • 今年春天,TSR推出了 休斯敦加强街道安全第一阶段, 一个 倡议的重点是改善Gulfton附近所有道路使用者、行人、公交车乘客、自行车手和司机的安全。
    • TSR和华盛顿州贝尔维尤市启动了一项首创的城市范围内的险情和碰撞分析。TSR和贝尔优市与Brisk Synergies Tech Corp.和华盛顿大学的太平洋西北运输联盟(PacTrans)合作,收集和分析交通数据,以研究近失误和碰撞事故之间的相关性。TSR成员Republic Services也提供了数据和专业知识,以便利用分析结果提高车队安全。
  • 数据与数字创新
    • During the launch of the United Nations? Fifth Global Road Safety Week in May, international leaders held a briefing to recognize New York City?s leadership in Vision Zero and pledge their support for it. Together for Safer Roads and its members, including Anheuser-Busch, supported the City of New York?s Connected Vehicle Pilot: Anheuser-Busch has equipped its local fleet with connected vehicle technology to test driver alerts and other safety measures;
    • TSR?s Global Entrepreneur Program prepared to induct its third cohort. The unique mentorship program connects early stage companies with road safety experts at multinational companies, governments, universities and others. Its goal is to reimagine solutions that reduce crashes and fatalities on the world?s roads. The 2020 pitch day finalists and road safety leaders included CY愿景, Derq, 消遣娱乐, 大麻与驾驶损害测量(IMMAD), 无交通, 道路意识 杨树.CyVision、Derq和Populus将组成第三批,并作为准成员加入联盟。
    • 风险投资公司Dreampact Ventures;风险投资公司Rio Ventures Holdings。 英属维尔京群岛私人风险基金以及全球专业服务公司Marsh & McLennan Companies。,  加入联盟的新成员 对推动新的、更安全和可持续的运输模式有特别的兴趣。.

?The City of New York is proud to have the cleanest and safest municipal vehicle fleet in the country, and we are proud to partner with the TSR Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety to build upon this success,? said Keith Kerman, Deputy Commissioner for the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services and NYC Chief Fleet Officer. ?As a national leader in fleet safety, it?s important for us to share best practices with others and to learn from other colleagues in the world of fleet management. The Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety is a unique and vital program bringing solutions to under-resourced, smaller fleets. This initiative will help extend the work we are doing in New York City to places across the country and we are eager to advance this mission in 2020.?

?TSR?s work with the City of Houston has already helped improve our strategy to achieve Vision Zero,? said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. ?Having TSR on our committee aligns very well with our goals and brings great expertise to our initiative to end traffic deaths in Houston by 2030.?

?The City of Bellevue takes a Safe Systems approach to Vision Zero, emphasizing data as a central strategy,? said Franz Loewenherz, principal transportation planner and project manager for the Vision Zero Action Plan. ?Working with TSR and its members to capture near miss data is yet another step we?ve taken to make our roads as safe as possible and move toward the elimination of traffic fatalities and serious injuries. The analysis of data gathered from this project will be an instrumental part of improving our street safety record and shaping a safer Bellevue for all road users. We?ll have additional insights to share in 2020.?

?It?s been great to be a part of TSR and its innovation ecosystem raising the profile of safety,? said Pablo Gonzalez, Co-founder and Principal of Dreampact Ventures. ?The work that the coalition has been doing in the last year is outstanding – actionable projects that are making a real difference. TSR is not just talking about problems but solving them.? 

“The fleet safety world has been underserved by technology for decades, and Together for Safer Roads serves a crucial purpose trying to change that, said Raffi Mardirosian, Vice President Business at Ouster, one of the charter members of the Global Entrepreneur Program?s Cohort 1. ?By partnering leading progressive, safety-oriented fleets with startups pursuing the latest technology that can make drivers and vulnerable road users safer, TSR is catalyzing and accelerating safety impact – serving a unique role in the ecosystem.??

?As a major user of roads around the world and with over 180,000 colleagues and their families using the world?s roads every day, road safety is a top priority for our company.  As a founding member of TSR, we are proud to be a part of and to support the new Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety?, said Catalina Garcia, Global Corporate Affairs Director at AB InBev.

?Helping to ensure that our roads are safe through smarter driving is a priority that we take very seriously at AT&T,? said Chris Penrose, 高级副总裁, 先进的移动性和企业解决方案, 美国电话电报公司. ?With the advent of 5G, smarter cities, data collection and analysis and eventually automated driving, the possibilities will be limitless. Working with Together for Safer Roads puts us at the forefront of harnessing technology to improve road safety and save lives.?

?I am very proud of our team, members and partners and the work we?ve done this year, said Dave Braunstein, President, Together for Safer Roads. ?As we move into 2020, we will continue to expand our work with both the private sector members and the public sector partners to initiate problem-solving projects. We?re dedicated to unearthing data to help us create better drivers, smarter cities and safer road users. In particular, through the new Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety, we will be working with fleets to help educate drivers on safer interactions with other road users. This is a unique initiative that we believe will make a big impact on road safety. Our safer cities work will also continue to expand around the globe, working with the public sector to create smarter and safer roadways.?


Together for Safer Roads is a global NGO that builds public-private partnerships around local projects, fleet safety management and technology initiatives to prevent traffic crashes, injuries and deaths. TSR was started in conjunction with the UN’s Decade of Road safety and has partners around the world. TSR?s members include AB InBev, AIG, AT&T, CalAmp, Republic Services, Lyft, Marsh, iHeartMedia, Octo Telematics, Geotab, PepsiCo, UPS, Walmart, and others. Learn more at www.togetherforsaferroads.org.