携手共建更安全的道路》宣布由硅谷银行、Dreampact Ventures和Rio Ventures赞助的第三届年度全球企业家计划。

携手共建更安全的道路》宣布由硅谷银行、Dreampact Ventures和Rio Ventures赞助的第三届年度全球企业家计划。


纽约州布鲁克林市 ?2019年8月20日 ? Together for Safer Roads (TSR)是一个由致力于拯救生命的领先私营企业组成的联盟,今天宣布其第三届年度全球企业家计划(GEP)与GEP创新伙伴、硅谷银行、Dreampact Ventures和Rio Ventures一起开始接受申请。GEP将处于早期阶段的公司与跨国公司和大学的道路安全专家联系起来,重新设计解决方案,以减少世界道路上的交通事故和死亡人数。

通过与TSR、其成员和战略合作伙伴为期12个月的合作,最多将有5家公司被选入这批公司,并被授予全球道路安全联盟的成员资格,该联盟由AB InBev、AIG、AT&T、CalAmp、Republic Services等组织和许多其他创新成员组成。成员公司将为在GEP Pitch Day上做出最终选择的创新影响委员会成员,以及在整个加速器项目中提供指导和网络。2020计划专注于解决三个核心领域的问题和建立解决方案。

  •     智能交通服务
  •     商业运输安全
  •     以人为本的交通解决方案

?It?s rewarding to bring together leading companies  and startups both dedicated to creating and delivering solutions to make our world?s roads safer,? said David Braunstein, President, TSR. ?We?re proud to provide new access to knowhow, use cases, customers and pilot projects for the chosen startups. They will tap into TSR?s impressive membership network, experts and renowned partners to improve product-market fit and accelerate time-to-market. We want to see these promising technologies deployed effectively and are happy to create a proving ground to help make  that happen.?

?TSR?s Global Entrepreneur Program has played an important role in bringing new road safety technologies to market over the years and enabling startup players to tackle core problems faster,? said Pablo Gonzalez, Co-Founder & Principal at Dreampact Ventures. ?As a new member of the Coalition this year, we wanted to get deeply involved in advancing the organization?s mission to save lives. Sponsoring the GEP to find innovative startups also advancing road safety was a natural fit for what we do, and we?re looking forward to finding this year?s cohort. We are excited to mentor these companies to help advance the cohort?s strategy, execute on their vision, and ultimately deliver on big dreams.?

?Silicon Valley Bank?s mission is to help innovators, enterprises and investors be successful,? said Cody Nenadal, Director in the Frontier Tech practice at Silicon Valley Bank. ?We?re proud to be a part of TSR?s GEP in supporting the growth of companies that are building innovative solutions for making transportation safer and more efficient.?

?We at Rio Ventures are passionate about building a safer world and backing the outstanding entrepreneurs who are dedicated to that same mission,? said Rio Ventures Co-Founder & Principal Gustavo Pimenta. ?As new Coalition members, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to have such a direct impact through TSR?s Global Entrepreneurship Program.?

2019?s TSR GEP cohort 2 consisted of Brisk Synergies, Idelic and Peloton. Startups interested in the 2020 program can read details and 网上申请 直到9月30日,www.f6s.com/togetherforsaferroads/apply。GEP Pitch Night 活动定于 12 月初举行,届时将公布入选名单。在Twitter上了解TSR GEP的公告和其他信息,网址是 @TSRC联盟TSR网站.


"共同加强道路安全 "是一个全球性的非政府组织,它与政府、企业和社区利益攸关方合作,开展地方项目、车队安全管理和技术举措,以防止交通事故、伤亡。TSR是与联合国道路安全十年共同发起的,其合作伙伴遍布世界各地。TSR的成员包括AB InBev、AIG、AT&T、CalAmp、Republic Services、Lyft、Ericsson、GM、iHeartMedia、Octo Telematics、Geotab、百事可乐、UPS、沃尔玛等。了解更多信息,请访问 www.togetherforsaferroads.org.



Dreampact投资于那些在智能城市/道路、金融科技、教育科技、娱乐、长寿与健康等领域追求不可阻挡的趋势的早期公司。了解更多信息 www.dreampact.com


RIO Ventures Holdings是由两位经验丰富的企业界人士建立的私人风险投资合伙企业,他们利用自己的专业知识,积极与那些拥有改变世界的宏伟抱负的企业家合作。

RIO invests in Israeli-based startups focused on selected ?unstoppable trends? that will shape our world, such as Smart Cities/Roads, consumer driven personal mobility, Longevity & Wellbeing, and Sustainability. For more information, visit www.rio-ventures.com


35年来,硅谷银行(SVB)一直在帮助创新企业及其投资者快速推进大胆的想法。SVB 通过其在世界各地创新中心的办事处提供有针对性的金融服务和专业知识。凭借商业、国际和私人银行服务,SVB帮助解决创新者的独特需求。了解更多信息,请访问 svb.com.