TSR Talks ? In-Cab Safety

Together for Safer Roads? inaugural TSR Talks session took place on April 13, 2023. The talk featured speakers from two different organizations in the transportation industry and focused on implementation of a successful in-cab technology program in both union and non-union environments. The speakers, Transportation Director David Brown and Shop Steward Haisel Vasquez from NYC non-profit City Harvest, and VP of Safety and Risk Shawn Mandel from Waste Connections, provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing such programs.

David and Haisel from shared their experience implementing an in-cab technology program in a unionized environment. They discussed the importance of effective communication and collaboration between management and union representatives to ensure successful implementation. They further indicated that implementation of this change to business operations actually served as a catalyst to strengthen their safety culture.

As early adopters of the technology, Shawn Mandel from Waste Connections discussed the importance of supervisor training and support to ensure successful coaching and safe outcomes result from data the technology provides. Shawn promoted utilizing the tool for recognition and cited several success stories aligned with the Servant Leadership safety culture at Waste Connections.

We also heard from attendees who indicated the most challenging aspect of implementing in-cab technology is effectively coaching drivers using the data, followed by establishing fair policies regarding camera use. If you find yourself struggling with these issues, you can always reach out to TSR for help.

If you missed the Talk, don?t worry! You can watch it here:

Thank you to everyone who attended the event and contributed to the collaboration and sharing of industry best practices.