A Catalyst for Community Safety

Safer Cities

Data-Driven Problem Solving

The SAFER CITIES Program implements best practices to show that transit change is possible. TSR works with mayors, city agencies, advocacy groups, private enterprises, as well as government partners and grant-makers to build out citywide Vision Zero plans. We implement analytics systems to monitor near misses, which is a leading indicator of crashes, injuries and fatalities. We also bring in private sector media partners to promote this projects in multi-channel media campaigns.

Safer Cities focuses on determining the cause of local challenges and leading the way for sustainable interventions to improve quality of life and safety for all road users through combined expertise and resources. Our city partners have access to tap into the private sector’s knowledge, data, technology, and global networks and prioritize evidence-based mobility approaches that save lives in their communities.

We use innovative technology to measure changes in road user behavior. This scalable model for making road safety best practices the status quo can reduce crashes, fatalities, and serious injuries, especially among vulnerable road users (which account for 50% of crash fatalities).

Safer Cities Program Initiatives

Through our program initiatives, TSR and its members contribute to best practices, thought leadership, & measurable outcomes in road safety.

Data-Based Community Revitalization

Access solutions that get ahead of crashes through near-miss analytics in your community.

Direct Vision

Retrofittable solutions and redesigned truck cabs to address blind zones and reduce traffic deaths.

Multi-Channel Media Campaigns

Reinforce road safety via media that helps communities prevent crashes, injuries and fatalities.

Vision Zero Partnerships

Develop partnerships with cities to make fleets part of their Vision Zero plans