Global Entrepreneur Program

Connecting Early Stage Companies With Road Safety Experts

Through the Global Entrepreneur Program, Together for Safer Roads is connecting early-stage companies with road safety experts at multinational companies and universities to reimagine solutions that reduce crashes and fatalities on the world’s roads.

The program enables early-stage companies to:

  • Accelerate adoption of technologies that save lives
  • Tap into a global network of private sector leaders in road safety
  • Participate in innovative public-private partnerships
  • Influence the public-private sectors’ dialogue on road safety technology
  • Enhance brand recognition and social responsibility programs
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Current Global Entrepreneur Program Members

As a connector for global-minded companies and private sector influencers, the Global Entrepreneur Program encourages early-stage companies to advance innovative solutions that improve road safety, becoming an important accelerator for their growth and social impact. The 2019 cohort included these innovative startups.

  • Brisk Synergies is the leader in automated road safety analysis. By applying AI and Deep Learning on traffic video, Brisk Synergies helps transportation engineers and planners to better understand their road safety problems and identify solutions without waiting for collisions to occur.





  • Idelic helps the Safety Teams at Transportation Fleets prevent crashes, lower insurance premiums, and improve driver retention by providing a comprehensive system to track all their driver data, connect all their third-party systems, automate compliance, and predict which drivers are most at risk for crashes through advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms.


  • Peloton is a connected and automated vehicle technology company dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of U.S. and global freight transportation. Peloton partners with customers to deliver innovative tools that save fuel, avoid crashes, and improve operational insight through connectivity, automation, and advanced data analytics.



Andrés Peñate

"TSR's Global Entrepreneur Program brings much needed innovation and new partners to improve road safety conditions around the world. In AB InBev we love bringing people together to make a better world, this initiative is part of that spirit."

Andrés Peñate, AB InBev
Vice President of Regulatory & Public Affairs

Cory Hohs

"The technology is making a difference, and our impact will only become greater through participation with TSR’s Global Entrepreneur Program, which aligns with our shared goals of saving lives."

Cory Hohs, HAAS Alert
Chief Executive Officer

Robert Bauer

"Entrepreneurs are investing heavily in solutions to reduce road crashes and fatalities. With TSR’s Global Entrepreneur Program, we have the capacity to accelerate the adoption of these technologies to save more lives."

Robert Bauer, AIG
Managing Director, Strategy and Innovation

Angus Pacala

"Being able to tap into TSR’s member company expertise shows the potential we have to implement our technology in commercial vehicles on a larger scale, and we are excited to have been selected to accelerate our safety impact."

Angus Pacala, Ouster
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Chris Penrose

“The Global Entrepreneur Program provides an entryway for emerging companies and innovators to come together with some of the most experienced minds in road safety and transportation. This new collaboration will ultimately showcase how technology and great ideas can help save lives and do good in the world around us.”

Chris Penrose, AT&T
President, Internet of Things Solutions

Jonathan Matus

"Zendrive has greatly enjoyed collaborating with TSR on its Safer Roads Challenge in Atlanta, GA, where we assisted in collecting and analyzing road user data to understand key risk factors for road collisions. We are excited to see how our partnership can expand within the Global Entrepreneur Program."

Jonathan Matus, Zendrive
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jim Olson

"The private sector brings a range of perspectives and expertise, and by also engaging with early-stage companies, we are bringing fresh thinking and energy to our partnerships with cities to address localized road safety root causes."

Jim Olson, Republic Services
Senior Vice President, Safety

Innovators in Road Safety

As an early-stage company advancing innovative solutions that improve road safety, we pledge to make roads safer by:

  • Accelerating the road safety technology frontier
  • Investing in platforms and services for people-first transportation solutions
  • Helping transform sustainable, safer transportation systems
  • Commit to partnering with public sector decisions makers and stakeholders to find the best safety solutions

The 2020 Program is focused on addressing problems and building solutions in three core areas:

  • Intelligent Transportation Services: Creates new, safer road usage patterns and options to create more seamless, safer connections across modes of transportation, transportation infrastructure, and/or road user communities
  • Commercial Transportation Safety: Improves the safety outcomes of commercial drivers, commercial vehicles, and/or road operators critical to commercial transportation
  • People-First Transportation Solutions: Focuses on putting people and their road safety vulnerabilities at the heart of product design, thereby reducing the exposure for all road users simultaneously

Startups interested in the 2020 program can read details and apply online until September 30. A GEP Pitch Night event is slated for early December, where the cohort will be announced.