Global Private Sector Companies Make Unprecedented Commitment to Prevent Crashes, Save Lives

Global Private Sector Companies Make Unprecedented Commitment to Prevent Crashes, Save Lives

Together for Safer Roads Members Declare “It’s no accident. Road crashes are preventable.”

April 28, 2018

Washington, D.C. – In recognition of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Together for Safer Roads (TSR), a coalition of global private sector companies, announced an expansion of their private sector commitment to improve road safety. The investment, through individual member companies, showcases an unprecedented commitment focused on road safety technology and road safety behavior-based campaigns.

Whether through corporate social responsibility initiatives; best-in-class environment, health, and safety (EHS) programs; or public-private partnerships, TSR members are at the forefront of leveraging private sector data, technology, and industry expertise to reduce serious injuries and fatalities on the world’s roads. In a rapidly changing connected, digital world, TSR members are leading their industries in investing in telematics, cameras, collision mitigation systems, electronic stability control systems, and other critical warning systems that prevent crashes.

Road Safety Technology

AB InBev invests $7 million annually in operational fleet safety telematics to monitor speed and aggressive driving, improving safe driving practices

Republic Services and HAAS Alert collaborate on how to prevent motorist collisions with large, slow-moving vehicles and personnel

LoJack integrates CrashBoxx™ into SureDrive™ connected car application to enable real-time crash response

Octo Telematics recognizes more than 3 million UBI drivers in North America who have used telematics to improve driving behavior and become safer drivers

Walmart installs more than 6,000 cameras in tractors to enhance safety for its more than 8,000 private fleet drivers

“It’s critically important for TSR and its members to build sustainable capabilities and capacity within their own companies and in collaboration with the public sector. This includes expanding access to transportation technologies that directly support safer roads and mobility, safer vehicles, safer road users, and post-crash response,“ said David Braunstein, president of TSR.

Globally, TSR member companies employ nearly 300,000 professional drivers and more than 600,000 company vehicles. TSR believes companies have the responsibility to keep these employees, and the road users they share the road with, safe on the world’s roads. TSR members are also honoring World Day for Safety and Health at Work by deploying safety campaigns to help road users change their behaviors and prevent crashes. All campaigns drive road users to test their safety knowledge and pledge to be alert and aware, buckle your seat belt, not drink and drive, not text while driving, look for cyclists, respect speed limits, and wear a helmet.

“The vast majority of road crashes are preventable. Unfortunately, many by their actions and language portray road fatalities and injuries in a passive light,” said Braunstein. “This year, TSR felt it was especially important to collaborate with our members to showcase concerted, proactive efforts that can accelerate how the private sector addresses preventable incidents worldwide.”

Road Safety Behavior-based Campaigns

AB InBev partners with Lyft to provide safe rides (over 125,000 in the U.S. in 2017) and help reduce drunk driving

AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign encourages the public to never drive distracted, and recently launched a new VR experience that will visit over 200 stops this year

Abertis invests in $3 million partnership with UNICEF to combat child fatalities on the road

CalAmp hosts thought leadership panel on road safety, provides road safety tips and challenges employees to take the TSR road safety pledge

PepsiCo engages 30,000 employees on little things that make a big difference by promoting simple tips to keep drivers safe at work and home

UPS teams up with community organizations around the world to educate more than 10,000 young adults on safe driving

This is the fourth year TSR and its members have recognized World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Last year alone, TSR’s efforts engaged more than 1.5 million people across 85 countries on being safer road users.


About Together for Safer Roads
Together for Safer Roads (TSR) is an innovative coalition that brings together global private sector companies, across industries, to collaborate on improving road safety and reducing deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes globally. TSR brings together members’ best practices, global networks, data, and technical expertise to focus on five areas that will make the greatest impact globally and within local communities. These focus areas align with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety’s Five Pillars by developing programs to address issues in road safety management, safer roads and mobility, safer vehicles, safer road users, and post-crash response. TSR’s current members include AB InBev, Abertis, AIG, AT&T, CalAmp, Ericsson, GM, iHeartMedia, Octo Telematics, PepsiCo, Republic Services, Ryder, UPS, and Walmart. Learn more at Connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.