Top Road Safety Innovators List

The Top Road Safety Innovators List recognizes promising early-stage companies for being committed to advancing the innovative solutions that improve road safety by: accelerating the road safety technology frontier, investing in platforms for people-first transportation solutions, helping transform sustainable and safer transportation systems and committing to partnering with public sector decision makers and stakeholders to find the best safety solutions.

Brisk Synergies 

Brisk Synergies is the leader in automated road safety analysis. By applying AI and Deep Learning on traffic video, Brisk Synergies helps transportation engineers and planners to better understand their road safety problems and identify solutions without waiting for collisions to occur. The system utilizes existing CCTV traffic camera to perform automated video analysis of traffic flow for effective and immediate road safety diagnosis and evaluation of interventions. This enables urban transportation engineers and planners to continuously make better, more knowledgeable decisions on how to improve traffic flow and reduce collisions.


Derq is a Dubai & Detroit based MIT spin-off and Techstars alum with a mission to eliminate road crashes and save lives by using artificial intelligence and V2X technology. Derq’s goal is to predict and prevent collisions at any time, independent of vehicle model, autonomy, and surroundings. Derq has developed industry-leading patented machine learning algorithms that can predict vehicles and pedestrians’ intents and prevent 9 of 10 crashes prior to collision at intersections. This results in safer cities for all road users including tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles.

HAAS Alert

HAAS Alert is a Cellular V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) Safety Cloud™ and smart communities data service provider keeping emergency crews, drivers, and the public safe through R2V™ (Responder-to-Vehicle) communication that alerts motorists in real-time when emergency responders are in the vicinity or en route to a call.


Idelic is a safety and fleet management software provider born from the trucking industry and infused with modern innovation and entrepreneurship. Idelic helps the Safety Teams at Transportation Fleets prevent crashes, lower insurance premiums, and improve driver retention by providing a comprehensive system to track all their driver data, connect all their third-party systems, automate compliance, and predict which drivers are most at risk for crashes through advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms.


Numina is a data utility for cities. Its standalone sensing platform measures all kinds of activity in streets, such as volumes, paths, speeds, and behaviors of pedestrians, bicycles, different types of vehicles, wheelchairs, scooters, bags of trash — you-name-it. Numina data helps city planners design safer and more efficient streets, and it helps enterprise to optimize their services in the public right-of-way.


Omnirisk is an insurance company for the autonomous vehicle era. AVs and changing mobility patterns require fundamentally different underwriting approaches as driving responsibilities and liabilities shift from the human driver to the vehicle itself and its components. Our AI driven predictive models are able to price every commercial vehicle on the road today based on their vehicle specific characteristics.


Ouster has developed a collision avoidance technology called FleetGuide designed to maximize safety and productivity in fleets. The system’s sensors detect oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and other safety threats outside of commercial vehicles, and alert drivers to avoid them with real-time warnings and driver retraining.



Peloton is a connected and automated vehicle technology company dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of U.S. and global freight transportation. Peloton partners with leading OEMs and commercial fleets to deliver innovative tools that save fuel, avoid crashes, and improve insight through connectivity, automation, and advanced data analytics. Peloton’s flagship driver-assistive platooning system links the active safety systems between pairs of freight trucks, enhances driver teamwork, and connects trucks to a Network Operations Cloud, which dynamically limits platooning to appropriate highways and conditions.


RoadBotics is a civic technology company that enables roadway managers to receive automated visual assessments of their pavement surfaces. Using smartphone cameras combined with cutting-edge deep learning, RoadBotics offers governments and civil engineers the objective information they need to make smarter, data-driven pavement management decisions that ultimately provide safer roads to people across the world.


Zendrive uses mobile phone data and machine learning to identify high-risk driver behavior before a crash occurs. Utilizing the sensors in smartphones, the behavioral data provides actionable insights that improve safety for passengers and drivers worldwide. Zendrive has measured more than 45 billion miles of driving behavior.