Fleet Owners: Bulk haulers turn to smarter camera safety

July 22, 2022 — Cameras are an indispensable element of an effective safety program in an increasingly litigious environment for truck fleets. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently acknowledged their importance by amending federal regulations to make it easier to install windshield-mounted “dashcams” in commercial vehicles.

So when Indiana-based Altom Transport learned its old hardware was approaching obsolescence due to this year’s ‘3G sunset,’ safety leaders moved fast to onboard new technology—and keep the cameras rolling. The only question was which system would best serve today’s drivers and the family-owned tank truck carrier; and like Bruce Oakley last November and J&M Tank Lines in April, the indisputable answer for Altom and sister company Al Warren Oil was Netradyne’s Driveri vision-based camera system.

“At the end of the day, Netradyne gives us the best possible avenue to educate our drivers and empower a safer fleet,” said Dan Dziubczynski, safety director for Altom and Al Warren.

Dziubczynski, Altom/Al Warren CFO Jerry Piszczor, and Nick Anderson, Altom’s director of fleet maintenance, pointed to Driveri’s coaching capabilities, positive reinforcements, visibility, and automation as key factors that led them to the San Diego, Calif.-based intelligent safety technology provider’s platform. Anderson called Driveri “cameras on steroids,” and Dziubczynski said they went “from starting a fire with a match to a blowtorch.”

Cottingham & Butler, their captive insurance provider, was equally effusive.

“When we brought up this system to them, they were excited and thrilled, knowing that it works for both parties,” Piszczor said. “It works for them because they have a safer client and can go out and shop the market more effectively.” And Altom and Al Warren can save on insurance premiums, avoid paying fraudulent claims—and establish the excellence of their professional drivers with indisputable video evidence.

“Subpar safety systems aren’t an option for tank truck carriers,” said Barrett Young, senior vice president of marketing at Netradyne. “When you’re hauling flammable liquids, any accident you have is serious—and potentially very costly.

“So having a best-in-class safety system only is growing in importance.”

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