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Fleet Safety Program Manager

Together For Safer Roads Job Description
Fleet Safety Program Manager


Road crashes are expected to rise to the 7th leading cause of death by the year 2030. Collisions on the world’s roads involving drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists are rapidly becoming one of this generation’s most pressing global health and development crises, posing grave consequences for life and for economies.

Fleet safety is a growing area of need. Crashes cost companies hundreds of billions of dollars annually. In the United States, road crashes are the number one cause of workplace fatalities. In Great Britain, commercial vehicles are involved in at least a quarter of all road crashes. Collisions with large vehicles like delivery trucks are twice as deadly for people walking or biking than with passenger cars (including SUVs). Growing economic activity, profitability pressures, driver shortages, lack of safety and operational supports make creating a safety culture and operating a fleet safely harder than ever.

Together for Safer Roads was founded to help address this situation. We are an international social business coalition that brings together private sector companies, across industries, to collaborate on improving road safety. We are looking for a Fleet Safety Management Consultant to join our purpose-driven team.

The Role

The Fleet Safety Program Manager will report to the Senior Director of Programs & Operations and assist TSR by building out a new fleet safety coalition. They will work with experts, TSR member companies and public sector leaders to develop actionable fleet safety standards and management best practices. Then they will test market an operating model with a focus on small- and mid-sized fleets. Through the process of creating aspirational yet achievable fleet standards and offering the most user-friendly training and development resources, we will save lives, add value to the fleet industry and make the program sustainable at scale by encouraging other private sector leaders to join the coalition and TSR.

Program Responsibilities

Work with TSR staff, members, partners and experts to:

  • Coordinate collaboration with TSR members, partners, experts, government stakeholders and target user community
  • Localize fleet standards, training and development content, auditing procedures, recognition systems and delivery mechanisms
  • Assist in identifying gaps in training and development and safety cultures that materially affect safety
  • Manage pilots to test market and assess effectiveness with target user community
  • Align fleet safety standards across regions
  • Advise on business model, framework, incentives for adoption, baseline standards and initial training and content that constitute the initial offering to be tested
  • Plan content management system to house standards, best practices and operating manuals

Program management involves overseeing specific work streams, deliverables and outcomes that were agreed upon with members, stakeholders and partners, including collaborative problem solving and course correcting when necessary. Where third-party partnerships are involved in executing the program, the Senior Director will support the Program Manager  in managing the specific scope and responsibilities of the third-party, contract with the third-party and oversee that partnership. This includes working closely with the Senior Director and TSR’s Director of Member Engagement and Communications to position the partnerships, program work and results for broad and targeted communications to generate interest and engagement in TSR from current and future stakeholders.

Program work involves travel.


  • Background in personnel management and/or human resources
  • Experience with fleets and professional drivers
  • Awareness of alternative fleet safety offerings and competitive set
  • Experience developing user-centric information delivery and leadership and management training for organizations of all sizes and people at all levels within them
  • Development and execution of data-driven programs focused on continuous improvement
  • Coalition building and project management experience
  • Experience fostering public-private partnerships
  • Familiarity with Vision Zero

About TSR

Founded in November 2014, Together for Safer Roads is a global NGO that works with government, businesses and community stakeholders on local projects, fleet safety management and technology initiatives to prevent crashes and save lives. Our members are some of the world’s most influential companies, and we are proud to bring the private sector’s commitment to making traffic safe for all road users.

Other Specifics

  • Start Date: On or about July 14, 2020
  • Status: Consultant
  • Report: Directly to Senior Director of Programs & Operations
  • Location: Remote/Home Office/Coworking Space
  • Compensation: Not to exceed $800/day
  • Est. Effort: 2-3 days/week
  • Benefits: Not applicable
  • Travel: Up to 25% (domestically only)

Interested candidates should send their CVs and cover letters to info@togetherforsaferroads.org with Fleet Safety Program Manager in the subject line.