INIZIATIVA: Consiglio di leadership globale per la sicurezza della flotta

In 2019, we formed the Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety (Council) ? a braintrust of the best and brightest fleet operators committed to helping small and midsize fleets by bringing innovation to established organizations. It?s the first time public and private sector leaders have come together to specifically address how fleets can contribute to achieving Visione Zero, una strategia per eliminare tutti gli incidenti stradali mortali e le lesioni gravi, aumentando nel contempo una mobilità sicura, sana ed equa per tutti.

Il Consiglio è organizzato in tre pilastri: 

  • Vehicle safety technology and telematics;
  • Professional development and training
  • Leadership and organizational change management

Participating in the Council demonstrates your expertise and innovation in commercial fleet operations. Join members from ABinBev, Autoliv, Geotab, PepsiCo, Servizi della Repubblica, Samsara, UPS, and more.

We are focused on providing the resources and support to small and midsize fleets that want to be safe. Our research has found that they are riskier and often under-resourced; they need a boost to start the work of building safety cultures of continuous improvement. While massive fleets have safety teams, trainers, compliance officers, and more, small businesses do not. That?s where the  Council comes in?we?re bringing the best practices from the world?s leading fleets to the fleets that serve our communities.

The Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety also works with the world?s leading fleets to bring new thinking to the fleet industry. We take advantage of their expertise and size to zero in on common safety gaps and find ways to fill them. The Council looks at solutions such as data and technology, vehicle design, personnel management, and how they all overlap to achieve road safety successes.

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Gli attuali membri del braintrust includono: