Pirelli Tire North America, Rio Ventures, and CellSlip Join Together For Safer Roads

Pirelli Tire North America, Rio Ventures, and CellSlip Join Together For Safer Roads

Coalition to Advance Worldwide Road Safety Continues Growth, Bringing Public and Private Sectors Together on Mission-Critical Campaigns


BROOKLYN, NY ? June 6, 2019 ? Together for Safer Roads (TSR), a coalition of leading private sector companies, today announced new members, Pirelli Tire North America, Rio Ventures, and CellSlip. Each company is committed to supporting technological advances in road safety around the world and join a prestigious group of members including AB InBev, AIG, AT&T, CalAmp, Republic Services, Lyft, Ericsson, GM, iHeartMedia, Octo Telematics, Geotab, PepsiCo, UPS, Walmart, and others.


According to UN data, an estimated 1.35 million people are killed every year in road crashes and up to 50 million more are injured. This costs the global economy $1.85 trillion. TSR is advancing road safety with actionable campaigns and programs, including safer fleets, safer cities, and data and digital innovation. Forward-thinking companies like CellSlip, Pirelli, and Rio Ventures are joining the cause because of their actionable commitment to road safety innovation and technology to prevent crashes, injuries and deaths.


?At Pirelli, we are continually pushing ourselves to make an impact in global road safety through the application of innovative technologies that make vehicles and fleets safer,? said Maureen Kline, Vice President, Public Affairs and Sustainability, Pirelli Tire North America. ?At the same time, we want to be actively involved in understanding and collaborating with others also dedicated to this mission – our tires are just part of the road safety ecosystem. Working with Together For Safer Roads and its member companies and partners will allow us to have a greater impact on this key pillar of sustainable development.?


?Together For Safer Roads has proven to be a driving force in bringing together the intellectual property of private sector companies, the innovation of startups affecting what happens on our roads, and the public sector?s desire to create safer outcomes for every citizen using our roads,? said Gustavo Pimenta, Co-Founder & Principal of Rio Ventures. ?We are excited to get more involved with the Coalition and its members to further advance road and vehicle safety technologies.?


?Bringing awareness to the epidemic of distracted driving has been a passion of mine for a long time ? and the need was driven home even more for me when a distracted driver hit my wife and three children in 2016,? said Mitch Bain, Founder of CellSlip. ?Luckily, they walked away with minor injuries, but I was compelled to create CellSlip, which helps drivers keep phone distractions at bay by blocking every signal to a driver?s mobile phone. Our mission aligns well with Together For Safer Roads? larger effort to improve road safety, so it was a natural fit to join the Coalition to extend our reach, collaborate with like-minded companies around the world, and continue to save lives.?


?We recognize that talking about the issue of road safety is not enough ? there must be action. We focus on working with companies who understand their responsibility for action and lead by example through such,? said David Braunstein, President, Together For Safer Roads. ?There are multiple facets to making real change take place, and these new members have all shown commitment to different elements of our mission. Collectively, our Coalition is making a difference through working together and as a conduit between private sector member companies and public sector organizations to test, analyze, and collaborate on road safety innovations.?


TSR currently focuses on three critical programs in order to improve road safety:

  1. Safer Cities ? bringing together the private and public sectors to diagnose road safety challenges and deliver measurable solutions using combined expertise and resources
  2. Safer Fleets ? leveraging member companies? collective private sector intellectual capital and expertise to advance best practices for companies and their fleets
  3. Data and Digital Innovation ? connecting early-stage companies with established organizations to reimagine solutions that reduce crashes and fatalities on the world?s roads.



Together for Safer Roads is a global NGO that works with government, businesses and community stakeholders on local projects, fleet safety management and technology initiatives to prevent traffic crashes, injuries and deaths. TSR was started in conjunction with the UN’s Decade of Road safety and has partners around the world. TSR?s members include AB InBev, AIG, AT&T, CalAmp, Republic Services, Lyft, Ericsson, GM, iHeartMedia, Octo Telematics, Geotab, PepsiCo, UPS, Walmart, and others. Learn more at