Initiative to Develop ‘Direct Vision’ Ratings for Large-Vehicle Blindspots

(June 13 ,2022) – Drivers of trucks, buses, and other large vehicles need to be able to see ?vulnerable road users,? such as pedestrians, according to proponents of a new ?direct-vision cab design? standard in the works.

Together for Safer Roads, through its Global Leadership Council for Fleet Safety, is partnering with the U.S. Department of Transportation?s Volpe Center and TSR membersn such as Republic Services to make direct-vision cab design a fleet industry standard in the U.S.

The initiative will give fleet managers and operators data and analysis on how safe ? or dangerous ? vehicles are in relation to driver blind zones, including developing a standard for rating the vehicles and a database of those ratings.

Direct-vision cabs reduce or completely eliminate driver blind zones, according to the announcement. Currently, the vast majority of commercial trucks available in the U.S. do not provide direct vision, the organization said, ?despite estimates that one-quarter of the more than 500 pedestrian and bicyclist deaths each year that involve large trucks traveling at low speeds could be prevented by direct-vision cabs.?

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