Ground-breaking study demonstrates traffic-cam monitoring is effective way to improve road safety 


Together for Safer Roads, Transoft Solutions, City of Bellevue collaborate on project 

The Together for Safer Roads coalition, Transoft Solutions Inc., developers of transportation engineering software and road safety analytic technology, and the City of Bellevue, Washington have partnered on a first-of-its kind, citywide analysis of traffic camera video with the goal of improving safety for all road users. The results of this project have been  published in three technical reports, plus an executive summary, that are now available to the public . 

Data collected from over 5,000 hours of video footage were then used to produce the three reports; the Video-based Network-wide Conflict Analysis, the Video-based Network-wide Speed and Speeding Analysis, and the Video-based Conflict, Speeding, and Crash Correlation, as well as the Executive Summary.

Using the results from these reports, the project showed that intersection conflicts, or near crash events, were an accurate predictor of where future crashes could occur. Other  pertinent findings that also came from the reports included:  

  • People riding bicycles are at greater risk than vehicle occupants: bike riders  represent 0.1% of observed road users, pedestrians were 2.6% and motorists  accounted for 97.3%. However, bicyclists were 10 times more likely to be involved in  a conflict than motorists. 
  • Motorcyclists travelled at higher speeds and generated more critical conflicts than  any other road user. 
  • More than 10% of drivers were speeding; half of them were traveling at more than 11 mph over the posted speed limit. Speeding incidence rates were relatively uniform on weekdays with a noticeable decrease around peak (commute) hours. 
  • 20,000 critical conflict interactions observed among the 8.25 million road users  recorded during one week.

The project, formally titled ?Video-based Network-wide Conflict and Speed Analysis to  Support Vision Zero in Bellevue (WA) United States,? began in August 2019 and used data supplied from the city?s network of 360-degree, high-definition traffic cameras at 40  intersections chosen for the study. Transoft Solutions? products, BriskLUMINA and  BriskVANTAGE, collected traffic volumes, road user speeds, and near-crash traffic conflict  indicators from the video feed. It then used advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and  video analytics to process, analyze and identify safety issues at the intersections. 

With well over 40,000 fatalities per year in the US alone, road injuries rank among the  leading causes of death in industrialized countries according to the World Health  Organization. The Vision Zero initiative started as an effort to eliminate these fatalities and  severe injuries by the year 2030. This project came about from the City of Bellevue?s own  Vision Zero initiatives which aligns with Transoft Solutions? road safety analysis technology  and Together for Safer Roads innovative coalition to bring together organizations to  collaborate on improving road safety.  

?Being part of this project is a great opportunity for Transoft Solutions to contribute to City  of Bellevue?s important Vision Zero mission,? said Charles Chung, VP of Transportation  Safety for Transoft Solutions. ?They were all for the use of modern, real-time video analytics  to conduct the studies for faster and accurate results rather than the more conventional and tedious means of gathering data. This allows cities to help identify high-crash intersections  and make road improvements to reduce collisions.? 

?Our Council has long been committed to road safety and to Vision Zero as we strive to  eliminate fatal and serious-injury crashes from our streets by 2030,? said Bellevue Transportation Director Andrew Singelakis. ?To achieve this goal, we need a data-driven  approach and our video analytics partnership gives us that. Transoft has the software  development expertise and we have a cutting-edge network of traffic cameras. Together, we hope to predict where and how collisions happen and work to prevent them.? 

?Surrogate safety measures like road user behavior are critical to getting ahead of crashes  and achieving Vision Zero,? said David Braunstein, President of Together for Safer Roads.  ?You can?t eliminate fatalities and serious injuries if you rely solely on fatality and serious  injury data. We?re proud to convene public-private partnerships like this to demonstrate the  lifesaving power and scalability of predictive analytics.?


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