Driven for a Safer Mexico

Together for Safer Roads is on a mission to make the world’s roads safer for all road users. We do this by encouraging our member companies to collaborate with each other and with partners in the public sector.

Together for Safer Roads’ Safer Cities initiative is one of our longest-standing, most successful programs—and we’re working to expand our efforts into Mexico City.

Mexico City committed to Vision Zero in 2015. In its first two years, it has successfully reduced traffic deaths by a notable 18%, including 24% fewer deaths among people walking and 77% fewer among people biking.

The Vision Zero recently hosted a webinar where Laura Ballesteros, Mexico City’s former Undersecretary of Mobility, spoke on ways of shifting culture from the inside out, ways to transform the city, and ways to make the city safer for all.

Though Mexico City has notably decreased the number of deaths and is providing safer transportation options, there is still much more to be done to reach the goal of zero. We’re excited to roll up our sleeves and bring the private sector’s technical expertise and capacity to make the drive for a safer Mexico City a reality.

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