Written By: TSR

Technology Solutions to Address 14 Road Safety Challenges

Research shows that fleet drivers have an increased crash risk compared to privately registered vehicles – and as of 2014, there were more than 329 million commercial vehicles on the world’s roads.1

By using the latest technologies, the private sector can make a significant impact to ensure their operations, fleets, and drivers are safe during every transport journey. In alignment with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety’s Five Pillars, the following 14 challenges will guide your company in employing the appropriate road safety technology solutions.

Pillar One: Road Safety Management

  1. 1. Obtaining Leadership Support
  2. 2. Developing and Implementing an Action Plan

Pillar Two: Safer Roads and Mobility

  1. 3. Navigating Dangerous Roadways and Bridges
  2. 4. Understanding Congestion and Construction Areas
  3. 5. Managing the Impact of Weather

Pillar Three: Safer Vehicles

  1. 6. Braking as a Heavy Fleet Vehicle
  2. 7. Avoiding Speed and Rollovers
  3. 8. Eliminating Blind Spots and Increasing Visibility
  4. 9. Meeting Basic Safety Standards

Pillar Four: Safer Road Users

  1. 10. Curbing Distracted Driving
  2. 11. Monitoring Driver Behaviors

Pillar Five: Post-crash Response

  1. 12. Responding in a Timely Manner
  2. 13. Recreating the Scene
  3. 14. Employee Response Training


Ready to solve road safety challenges? Read the full guidelines, including the types of technologies and how to execute them, at www.togetherforsaferroads.org/technology.

1Statista: The Statistics Portal. “Number of passenger cars and commercial vehicles in use worldwide from 2006 to 2014.” Retrieved from https://www.statista.com/statistics/281134/number-of-vehicles-in-use-worldwide/