AI and Fleet Safety with Humanising Autonomy

TSR Innovation Podcast Ep 2

Learn how Humanising Autonomy is working with machines to teach them how to read our visual signals and how they are partnering with automakers to embrace fully autonomous vehicles as they simultaneously innovate the driving experience with ADAS systems.

Their proprietary detection models focus on pedestrians, cyclists, factory or construction workers, commuters, consumers and more. They increase the detection of people by 171% for bicycles and motorcycles and can detect more pedestrians, eScooters and cyclists more accurately and further out.

And, most importantly, their software works with any cameras. They can plug into an existing system that is already installed in a truck.

Listen for more on this exciting field of AI and how it can help with fleet safety as we talk with Humanising Autonomy’s Co-Founder and CEO Maya Pindeus.