Let’s Drive Change

Through results-driven initiatives, Together for Safer Roads focuses on four program areas to create a sustainable impact on road safety.

Safer Companies and Fleets

Globally, between 25 and 33 percent of road crashes are work-related and 36 percent of occupational deaths are due to crashes. While these are sobering and devastating human costs, there are also great financial costs. Worldwide, employers incur costs of USD $518 billion per year due to road traffic collisions.

Together for Safer Roads is committed to leveraging members companies’ collective intellectual capital to advance best practices for companies and their fleets.


By using the latest technologies, the private sector can make a significant impact on ensuring their operations, fleets, and employee drivers are safe during transport.

With these guidelines, TSR aims to support companies with the transition to best practice, allowing collaboration towards a united objective – a world where roads are safer for all people.

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Advancing Road Safety Best Practices for Companies and Their Fleets

Companies must develop an environment that supports the emergence of safer road users. By initiating simple steps, companies can improve their safety performance and better protect the well-being of their employees and other road users.

Together for Safer Roads has compiled member companies’ best practiced processes and guidelines for developing and managing corporate transportation programs.

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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Together for Safer Roads believes that companies have the responsibility for considering the welfare of their employees, as well as the special road safety obligations of those with fleets and company drivers. As employers we must cultivate and promote a company-wide culture of safety both at and away from work.

In 2016, Together for Safer Roads’ member companies engaged more than 1 million people across 45 countries on how to be safer road users.

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