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  • Scott Ratzan: “It is Imperative to Invest in Road Safety”

    First and foremost, every private sector company needs to understand it is imperative to invest in road safety. The safety of the world’s roads impacts not only the health and safety of our employees, but also the performance of our supply chains and overall productivity.
    Source: Link Abertis

  • OCTO Telematics Promotes Safer Driving With Distracted Driving Score

    Octo Telematics, a leading global provider of telematics and data analytics solutions for the auto insurance industry, announced today its Distracted Driving scoring and analysis feature, now available within its suite of telematics products for both in-vehicle and mobile solutions
    Source: Business Wire

  • Global Firms Hope to Boost Fleet Safety with Tech Guidelines

    The report is a practical guide that provides companies of all sizes a step-by-step approach to understand and execute the types of technologies designed to improve safety.
    Source: Fleet Financials

  • Global Firms Hope to Boost Fleet Safety with Tech Guidelines

    A coalition of global companies has released a report offering guidelines on how to apply new technologies — including autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles and infrastructure and telematics — to improve overall fleet safety worldwide.
    Source: Automotive Fleet

  • OPINION: Road-Death Surge Demands Government Action

    America’s roads are more deadly than roads in virtually any other rich nation of the world, when measuring deaths by population.
    Source: Daily Record

  • POLITICO: Morning Transportation

    Greg Martin is now executive director and chief operating officer of Together for Safer Roads
    Source: POLITICO

  • Road-Death Surge Calls for Government Action

    U.S. mood is against more spending and regulation, but we need them to reverse this deadly trend.
    Source: USA Today

  • Road Safety Coalition Addressing Atlanta Congestion

    A global coalition of private companies has selected three cities — including Atlanta in the U.S. — to partner with and assist in creating strategies for resolving road safety problems.
    Source: Automotive Fleet

  • Atlanta One of Three Cities Chosen to Try New Traffic Fixes

    According to WABE, Atlanta and the two other cities have been chosen to participate in the Safer Roads Challenge. The program is an initiative aimed at finding fixes to dangerous road conditions.
    Source: Curbed