Together for Safer Roads junto con los patrocinadores principales La Fundación UPS y CalAmp encabezan el primer programa de subvenciones de este tipo: la Iniciativa del Fondo de Tecnología Visión Cero.


El fondo de tecnología apoyará la seguridad de la flota en los servicios esenciales y las organizaciones con fines específicos

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@TSRCoalition y los patrocinadores de presentación @UPS_foundation & @calamp anuncian el fondo inaugural de tecnología de visión cero para apoyar la seguridad de las flotas en los servicios esenciales y las organizaciones de propósito. #fleetsafety #visionzero #roadsafety

Logotipo del Fondo de Tecnología Vision ZeroNUEVA YORK - 11 de enero de 2021. Together for Safer Roads (TSR) anuncia hoy una programa de subvenciones, el primero de su clase para las organizaciones con fines específicos. El fondo financiará la adopción de tecnologías de vehículos de salvamento y ayudará a su aplicación entre las operaciones de las flotas de las organizaciones de servicios esenciales. Los miembros de TSR La Fundación UPS y CalAmp sirven como patrocinadores de la inauguración del Fondo de Tecnología Vision Zero. 

Like the seat belt and airbag before them, new technologies such as vehicle telematics, backup cameras, blindspot and forward-collision warning systems, side guards and others keep vehicle occupants safe and reduce catastrophic collisions with vulnerable road users. 

?We are thrilled to be at the forefront of not only the cutting edge, but meaningful, technological interventions that tackle real-world challenges to empower nonprofits, essential services and businesses alike,? said Jeff Gardner, CEO of CalAmp.

To put the intractability of road safety into perspective, there are more than 335 million commercial vehicles on the road, and 25% of all work-related fatalities are transportation related. Road crashes account for 1.35 million deaths per year and is the top killer for those under the age 25. TSR believes that one aspect to reducing fatalities and serious injuries on the world?s roads is to ensure that fleet vehicles have access to lifesaving vehicle technology. 

Vision Zero Technology Fund Recipient City HarvestWhile in pre-launch mode, TSR was able to test the fund by granting $20,000 to City Harvest, New York City?s largest food rescue organization, to install back-up cameras, convex mirrors and side-view cameras. 

?Every day, City Harvest’s food rescue trucks are on the streets of New York City rescuing and delivering food for New Yorkers who need help putting meals on their tables,” said Nigel Reid, director of transportation at City Harvest. “It is crucial that we are as safe and secure as possible while we operate around this very busy city. Our drivers appreciate the safety equipment we have been able to get thanks to Together for Safer Roads because it lets them focus on our mission — getting food to our neighbors in need.?

El Vision Zero Tech Fund is a grant that will support essential businesses, non-profit organizations, governments and others to acquire, install and implement new safety technology for up to two years. 

?We know we?re not going to be able to put this technology everywhere, but nonprofits and other purpose-based organizations struggle the most with affording this technology,? shared David Braunstein, TSR president. ?We will work with recipients of the tech fund to incorporate lifesaving safety technology into their daily operations.? 

TSR has also recently committed to the Stockholm Declaration, an ambitious and forward-looking resolution connecting road safety to the 2030 Agenda. In practice, it marked the kick-off of the second Decade of Road Safety on behalf of the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the Swedish government. 

?Road safety is a huge, complex problem around the globe and one we center a lot of our community-based work around,? adds Nikki Clifton, president of social impact and The UPS Foundation. ?Few nonprofits have the budgets to put in lifesaving vehicle technology. As a longtime member and supporter of TSR, we were thrilled to serve as a presenting sponsor and help them make this fund a reality.? 


Acerca de Juntos por un camino más seguro

Together for Safer Roads is a global NGO that works with government, businesses and community stakeholders on local projects, fleet safety management and technology initiatives to prevent traffic crashes, injuries and deaths. TSR was started in conjunction with the UN’s Decade of Road safety and has partners around the world. TSR’s members include AB InBev, AT&T, CalAmp, Geotab, Lyft, Marsh, PepsiCo, Republic Services, Samsara, UPS and others. 

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