The Safety of Movements with DERQ

TSR Innovation Podcast Ep 1

Episode 1: The Safety of Movement

Did you know that over 40% of road crashes occur at intersections? In today’s inaugural Innovations in Road Safety podcast, we speak with DERQ co-founder and CEO Georges Aoude about the safety of movement. DERQ is a global MIT spinoff and Techstars alum based out of Dubai and Detroit. They are passionate about creating safer and smarter roads for road users. With a team hailing from MIT, Georgia Tech, IIT, and McGill, and work experience with leading technology firms and agencies such as Ford, Siemens, and NASA, and governments in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East, they truly are road safety innovators.

I was always passionate about the safety of movements. As our research progressed, we started thinking of the future of cities and roads, not just the vehicles, and how to improve safety You need not just smart vehicles also need smart infrastructure.

Georges Aoude

We speak specifically with Georges about what brought him to road safety, the safety of movements, and why he is so passionate about this field.