TSR2019: Lead By Example Day 2

Our Annual Meeting, TSR2019: Lead By Example, was held in Washington, D.C. earlier this month and was a great success, thanks to amazing speakers, as well as guests and member companies in attendance. Executives from both the public and private sectors came together to share best practices, insights and stories around road safety, including: Vision Zero Fleet Safety, Smart Cities, Safer Cities, Cities for People, Safer Transportation, and more. You may peruse our full agenda here.

If you missed our recap of Day 1 of TSR2019, you may read it here.

Day 2 kicked off with our City Mobility/Smart Cities panel, moderated by Rob Bauer, Head of Sharing Economy & Mobility Group at Marsh. The panelists, Faye DiMassimo, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting; Jeff Davis, Head of Smart Transportation Innovation and Development, Blackberry; and Michael Burdiek, President, Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors, CalAmp took a look at the importance of the public and private sectors working together to build smart cities – those that are mobile and data-centric, with leaders who gather the right data, ask the right questions and know how to turn information into action. “Both need to learn how to become good partners. We have different roles to play and each needs to respect what the other needs from a partnership,” said DiMassimo. “Also, become a risk taker – something public entities do not typically do.”

Further, the importance of observation in data collection was a key point, as was risk: “People value safety, but don’t calculate risk very well.”

The Making Cities For People