A Case for Direct Vision – Vision Zero Cities Recap

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At the 2021 Vision Zero Cities conference, “A Case for Direct Vision” for cab design was presented by David Braunstein, TSR President; Angie Byrne, Eric Englin, and Donald Fisher of the U.S. Department of Transportation?s Volpe Center; and Keith Kerman, Chief Fleet Officer, Deputy Commissioner, DCAS, City of New York.

Trucks designed with poor visibility are a problem the world over. But they shouldn?t be ? as cab designs that reduce driver blind zones exist. If private and public sector fleet leaders come together, we could make ?direct vision cab design? the universal standard. Watch the recap, listen to the session, or read the transcript and learn how municipalities can work together to create market demand and leverage it to transform trucks.

As a follow-up to the event, we’d also like to keep the Direct Vision conversation going. Please join us again and