Let’s Drive Change

Through results-driven initiatives, Together for Safer Roads focuses on four program areas to create a sustainable impact on road safety.

Data Collection and Management

The gathering, analyzing, and use of data as a planning tool is vastly inadequate for road safety globally. The private sector has some of the best data sets, tools, and resources on why crashes are happening, where they are happening, and what can be put in to place to reduce them.

Creating lasting change in road safety requires fact-based innovation, and Together for Safer Roads is identifying actionable insights through data collection and management to uncover innovative solutions.

Rapid Analytics

There are many aspects to understand the root cause of road injuries and deaths, and actionable solutions aren’t always clear. The private sector’s ability to quickly assemble data with relevant connections to real-world situations brings new insights to advance road safety.

Together for Safer Roads is combining its member companies’ data with publicly available data to uncover high-quality road safety insights.